Increase and grow your business!

ScanSource offers you the Channel Marketing program. A value-added program designed to help you increase and grow your business.

We have different types of tools and resources to help you make structured and well-defined marketing campaigns. Reach your target audience and achieve your sales goals! Contact us for a consultation today!

Your benefits ?

  • Increase your marketing activities with our help
  • Add a virtual team of 10 marketing professionals
  • Benefit from the economies of scale & get better pricing
  • Consultancy & marketing trends briefings to inspire
  • Get information of vendors marketing benefits
  • Guidance about available Pass Through Marketing
  • Access to a whole range of specialists via our experts
Why rely on ScanSource for marketing ?

Marketing experts working in your industry can help you benefit from economies of scale & get better pricing.  Don't need help but advise ? Or an advise on your marketing plan from people outside of your company?  We're glad to help !

Marketing Services

Our Marketing Services are customized and scalable, meaning we can meet you where you are with your marketing strategy. Whether you have a full marketing team in place and need to leverage us for side projects, or you are wearing multiple hats and need someone to help you focus on marketing, we can ...... Learn more »