Important Notes about IP Office License SWAPs

ScanSource has changed the process in requesting IP Office License SWAPS.

  1. ScanSource will charge 50 £ / 50 EUR as service fee to process any SWAP request.
  2. A SWAP is irrevocable once submitted.
  3. Once a SWAP is completed, the original “FROM” Feature Key (FK)/System ID (SID) will be disabled by Avaya and thus rendered inaccessible in ADI.
  4. ScanSource Communications will request SWAPs based strictly on the information provided by our Business Partner (BP) per the License SWAP Request Form. Please request the current form from your ScanSource Account Manager.
  5. ScanSource will not be held responsible for any errors caused by inaccurate information provided by the BP on the form.
    **Please note that errors such as a transposed number in the FK/SID could potentially result in the disabling of the wrong FK/SID. BPs are responsible for verifying that all information is 100% accurate prior to submitting a request.
  6. The BP must verify that all licenses on the original FK/SID are current and orderable. End of Sale licenses will not be transferred to a FK/SID that already contains licenses. If a SWAP is still desired, all End of Sale licenses will be forfeited. For any FK/SID inquiries please contact
  7. ALL “FROM” FKs MUST be returned to ScanSource within 7 days. If for any reason the BP does not return the FK, a sales order will be created to charge for the unreturned licenses that were moved. Credit will not be issued for the physical FK.
  8. Billing for unreturned licenses will be based on the BPs standard ScanSource pricing rate.
    *Pricing exceptions are not applicable to billing orders for unreturned licenses.
  9. SWAPs requested from physical servers require a valid RMA approval from either ScanSource Communication or Avaya prior to the SWAP request. The RMA number must be provided at the time of the SWAP request. *Physical servers used as the “From” in a SWAP request will not be fully operational after a SWAP is performed. Once the SID is disabled license changes cannot be applied.
  10. ALL licenses must be moved from the original FK/SID to a new FK/SID or be forfeited.
  11. Licenses ordered to the wrong FK/SID due to an ordering error cannot be moved without the original FK/SID being disabled. (i.e. Partial SWAPs are not allowed.) A new order would be required to purchase the licensing to the correct FK/SID.
  12. All Avaya software sales are FINAL. Any request for credit on licensing must be requested through the OOP process.